Holden and NicWelcome to the Aquarium Shop
Meet Our Staff!

The Aquarium shop began in 1980 as a typical “mom and pop” pet store in Downtown Royal Oak. 
Over the years Dave and Mike have changed the focus to become predominately
an aquatic store with an emphasis on quality and service.

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BanditMike 2David 2David


HoldenHolden 2Holden attends Oakland University where he studies Health Sciences. When he started working at The Aquarium Shop, Holden weighed about 98 pounds soaking wet.....now he is a big bruiser, but without a mean streak. Holden has an SPS reef tank at home, and a HUGE Pacu named Norm. He has a Bearded Dragon named Pat, and a pond and a new puppy named William!. Even though he takes good care of the tanks here at The Aquarium Shop, he hates taking care of his tanks at home.

Some day he will invent a completely maintenance free aquarium and become
rich and famous.



Our newest employee Dean was born on Valentines Day.  He attends Royal Oak High School.  He has a cat, a dog, and a 30 gallon Marine Tank.  Dean was one of our first saltwater customers when he was just a punky kid.  Outside of work and school, Dean's life revolves around his 2003 Volkswagen Jetta.




When he was born, his uncle Jeremy worked for The Aquarium Shop.  Now, a generation later its DJ’s turn.  Does this make Dave and Mike feel old?  Yes it does!

DJ is a sophomore at Ferndale High School.  He lives in Royal Oak with a dog and cat, a hamster and a parakeet.  Oh, and an older sister, who he tries not to fight with….too much.




Max was born (hatched) here at The Aquarium Shop on June 5th 1987.  That makes him middle age in parrot years.

He thinks he owns the place, the staff is here to cater to his every whim, and the customers are for his amusement.

He bites every new employee once, hard, to make sure they know who the boss is.  After that, he pretty much ignores them.




That’s Henry, our fishy mascot.  He’s the skinny one in the family…….







Bandit says: “would you like fries with that order?”